How to See Coyotes | Liner Notes

The Labyrinth-LENS podcast series was built out of interview materials collected as part of our research project. As anthropologists and scientists, part of our work involves talking with people about the topics we study, and often we record these conversations, with the consent of the people we talk with. Current practices (governed by Institutional Review Boards at all universities) generally require that such conversations be anonymous and confidential. When we publish any such material, therefore we try to remove any identifying information and use pseudonyms where possible. In audio material we do the same. Any questions about the use of this material can be directed to the UCLA IRB (see the methods section for more detail).

Chase’s episode pushes ahead of all the others, in its attempt to narrate the problem of seeing and communicating with coyotes. Many of the sounds and voices come from his own dissertation research project exploring coyotes in the city, all over the city, and at all times of day. People really do tell him stories about coyotes. Whether coyotes tell him stories has yet to be determined.

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