Lion and the Rat | Liner Notes

The Labyrinth-LENS podcast series was built out of interview materials collected as part of our research project. As anthropologists and scientists, part of our work involves talking with people about the topics we study, and often we record these conversations, with the consent of the people we talk with. Current practices (governed by Institutional Review Boards at all universities) generally require that such conversations be anonymous and confidential. When we publish any such material, therefore we try to remove any identifying information and use pseudonyms where possible. In audio material we do the same. Any questions about the use of this material can be directed to the UCLA IRB (see the methods section for more detail).

The Lion and the Rat involved listening to and thinking about a variety of material from cultural sources—Disney movies of course, and horror movies about rats, as well as news segments and clips from television. Check out more of P22’s music here.

Source/Author Title License and Source
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles SOUNDS OF P22 Fair Use / YouTube
Klankbeeld White Noise City Calm > Calm Downtown Morning 02 150722_0706 Creative Commons Attribution /
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Benboncan Walking On Dry Leaves Creative Commons Attribution /
Djgriffin Piano > Piano Mess About Creative Commons Attribution /
Ambientsoundapp Conversation Morning Creative Commons 0 /
Animadierer Lion Roar Snarl Growl Creative Commons 0 /
Podapocalipsis Lion Roar Creative Commons 0 /
Benboncan Dog Barking Creative Commons Attribution /
Benboncan Steel Tube Strikes Creative Commons Attribution /
irf1010n Mouse Click Creative Commons 0 /
HogantheLogan Picture Creative Commons 0 /
White Noise Soundscapes FREEWAY - SHORT
Ogsoundfx Crowd City Sidewalk Sample Creative Commons Attribution /
Kingsrow Running 07 Creative Commons 0 /
Squareal Car Crash Creative Commons 0 /
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PauliusI Car Crash_EXT Creative Commons 0 /
Rutgermuller SFX-Traddic > Tires Squeaking Creative Commons 0 /
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Nat Geo Wild Watch How Pumas Fight, Keep the Peace, and Share a Meal Fair Use /
CrazyJokerGirl Cougar Growls!:) (Real Sounds) Fair Use /
ET Nature Channel Mountain Lion Mating Call In Angeles National Forest Fair Use /
Thalamus_Lab The Forgotten Violinist > Trembling Creative Commons Attribution /
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Thalamus_Lab The Forgotten Violinist > Lowest String Creative Commons Attribution /
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Videvo Gun Shot Sngl Shot In PE1097906.0-01 Royalty-Free /
Qubodup Light Metal Gate Close Creative Commons Attribution /
Cell31_Sound_Productions Metal Sound > Metal Gate Open_Close_Groan Creative Commons Attribution /
Nickmaysoundmusic Iron_Gate_Courtyard_Abbey_Gardens_Open_Close Creative Commons 0 /
FartMuffin Swinging Metal Gate Closed Creative Commons 0 /
Felix.Blume Venezuela > A Moment of Calm at the Gran Sabana Creative Commons 0 /
Birds and Animals Rat Sounds Effect /
Peacewaves Talking Rat Creative Commons Attribution /
Aiwha Mouth Creative Commons Attribution /
Dr. Kevin Coffey et al Example Mouse Recording / Deep Squeak V. 3
Zabuhailo Rat Gnawing a Rusk Creative Commons 0 /
Thalamus_Lab Clavicordio > Clavicordio - Short Disturbing Melody Creative Commons Attribution /
Nmykhailov Ratfood Crackle and Crunches Creative Commons 0 /
Cabled_Mess Ambient 18062016 Creative Commons 0 /
Benboncan Barbed Wire Creative Commons Attribution /
Benboncan Napalese Singing Bowl Creative Commons Attribution /
Constructabeat Stop Start Tape. Player Creative Commons Attribution /
Cognito Perceptu Turn the Page Ding Creative Commons 0 /
Duderat Lost in the Maze Creative Commons 0 /
Benboncan Whoosh Creative Commons Attribution /
Robert Clouse Rats (1982) Fair Use
Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers Disney’s The Lion King (1994) Fair Use
John Ford The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) Fair Use
Daniel Mann Willard (1971) Fair Use
P22 Farrowing Crate With Permission
Pest Posse YouTube Channel BAIT STATION SHOW
Burl Ives The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
California State Assembly Archives LAW PASSING CLIP
CBS Los Angeles 13 Mountain Lion Kittens Born In Santa Monica Mountains This Summer /
Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin Tiger King: Murder Mayhem and Madness: Season 2 - Official Trailer /

Our theme music, such as it is, comes from the legendary LA musician Tim Buckley, a song called, appropriately for our topic “Venice Mating Call”. We also used some elements of work by David Rothenberg and Pauline Oliveros from a piece titled “Last Night in the Holocene” which is maybe a bit of a motto for Nature in LA today…

Source/Author Title License and Source
Benboncan Whoosh Creative Commons Attribution /
Djgriffin Dance House Techno Beat Loops > 10.1 Creative Commons Attribution /
Cognito Perceptu Turn the Page Ding Creative Commons 0 /
Tim Buckley Venice Mating Call
Pauline Oliveros, David Rothenberg, & Timothy Hill Last Night in the Holocene
Tairo Komori Horror > Maze Creative Commons Attribution /
Benboncan Whoosh Creative Commons Attribution /
Tairo Komori Horror > Maze Creative Commons Attribution /