Responsibility of Feral Cats | Liner Notes

The Labyrinth-LENS podcast series was built out of interview materials collected as part of our research project. As anthropologists and scientists, part of our work involves talking with people about the topics we study, and often we record these conversations, with the consent of the people we talk with. Current practices (governed by Institutional Review Boards at all universities) generally require that such conversations be anonymous and confidential. When we publish any such material, therefore we try to remove any identifying information and use pseudonyms where possible. In audio material we do the same. Any questions about the use of this material can be directed to the UCLA IRB (see the methods section for more detail).

Niaz Sassounian created this podcast by diving deep into materials we used for our research project on feral cats (led by Jessica Lynch). Much of what you hear comes from our interviews with experts on the TNR controversy in LA. It was only later that we discovered the crazed story of Ian Eulian and the lawsuit. Engineer Adam Wand helped give the podcast its concentric circle sound.

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ABC 7 Los Angeles Woman allegedly beaten by LA firefighter started confrontation, defense says
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