Caught a cat the other day

Trap Neuter Release (TNR) depends on volunteers whose passion for saving cats goes above and beyond. Sometimes that passion can also feel like a form of control over cats because of the way affection works. The now classic Dominance and Affection by Yi-Fu Tuan (Tuan 2003) put it clearly:

However, affection is not the opposite of dominance; rather it is dominance’s anodyne—it is dominance with a human face. Dominance maybe cruel and exploitative, with no hint of affection in it. What it produces is the victim. On the other hand, dominance may be combined with affection, and what it produces is the pet. (p. 1-2)

He was so afraid of me, but he was so starving.


Tuan, Yi-Fu. 2003. Dominance and Affection. Yale University Press.