Not Pumas

Outdoor cats are at the heart of a debate between two groups of animal lovers in Los Angeles—PETA and the No Kill coalition. While the goals of No Kill are to reduce the euthanasia to less than 10% of animals in shelters, the concomitant rise of feral cats and the use of Trap Neuter Return (TNR) creates new questions about the quality of life of cats (to say nothing of the ecological or “one health” effects of such cat populations on other organisms). PETA maintains that euthanasia is and can be a more humane response to animal suffering in some cases than a blanket refusal to kill—a refusal they argue results enabling more suffering, and simply passing the buck. The No Kill coalition, by contrast, sees euthanasia as a singularly unacceptable human-initiated solution to the problem.

They're not pumas! They're domestic animals!